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Your Pilates Headquarters for: Reformer, Chair, Tower/Trap Table, Spine Corrector, Mat, Combo, Stretch, Seniors, TRX, Privates, Small and medium group classes, Muscle Activation Technique


At Personal Pilates, we offer a unique experience to take multiple types of classes in one studio!

Reformer, Chair, Tower/Trap Table, Mat, Combo, Circuit, Stretch, Seniors, TRX, Private & Class Training, Muscle Activation Technique

Pilates Combo and Circuit classes include Reformer, Chair, Tower/Trap Table, Barrel, Mat, TRX

24 Years In Business And Growing Strong! Check out our new remodel!

5716 AMMONS ST, ARVADA, 80002

We are in soft opening currently while in Covid as we remodel.  We will have a Grand opening ASAP!  Reformer, Chair, and virtual classes are running.  We look forward to continuing your health and wellness journey.

During Covid, please take care of yourself-rest, eat clean, drink water, take your immune-boosting supplements, get some sunshine, exercise, and hardest of all-Don’t stress!

We miss you and hope to see you live or online! 

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Let’s take a peek at just a few classes we offer each week!

Level 1: Perfect for beginners or if you’re jumping back in this is a great class to start! It’s also perfect for anyone currently undergoing physical therapy to help supplement your needs or just a light day workout – a refreshing start to your week! Monday night Reformer 1 class taught by Heather, 6 pm or Rehab Reformer with Katie on Thursdays, 1030am.   For a little more challenge, try Reformer 1/2 on Thursdays 6pm with Julie or Sundays 430pm with Laura. 

Go Virtual with Pilates mat and weight lifting:   Stay home and get a great core or full body workout with a zoom class offered every day of the week except Fri or Sun. 

Need to stretch:  Join Katie on Mondays for Yoga on the Reformer (for a more difficult class) or Maria on Tuesdays and Thursday mornings, 9am (for a little less intensity). 

Looking for an intense, challenging, or medium-heavy day workout?
Try one of our Reformer level 2 or 3 classes, offered every day at different times except Thursday.

If you are pregnant, newly postpartum, deconditioned, have an injury, or are new to Pilates or our studio we recommend you take a private, semi-private, or trio private session. We offer an intro package to get started.

And so much more!
Take a peek at our fill lineup by clicking here!


Over the past 10 years, Patrice Stock has trained over half a million bodies in somatic movement and pilates principles ranging from pelvic rehab, professional athletes and children. She has coached and trained thousands of individuals in emotional intelligence and mindfulness. She has studied with Bob Leikens, Eric Franklin, John Barnes, and CEO of Inner Matrix Systems, Joey Klein. When not teaching Pilates, Patrice runs a thriving 1:1 practice for executive development training increasing job performance and life fulfillment. She incorporates mindfulness and accountability into her pilates teaching to ensure the highest form of transformation for clients. It’s her passion for people to know that everything is possible. 

Customer Loyalty Program:  SALE price on your class packages, and if you are not already using your points for discounts on class packages, opt-in to receive SMS text &/or emails.  Accumulate points to use for a discount on a class package every time you come to class.  Points towards a class package discount or opt-in options, owner Katie is happy to help!  You receive 15% off equipment packages, $5 off face cream, 5% off mat packages, and more.  Posting a review or sharing a post about Pilates Plus on Facebook, you are eligible for 9 points. Loyalty program membership is activated by attending a class.  Physical wellness and receiving some financial wellness too is an awesome benefit to being a member of our loyalty program!


Try to work out a little bit every day when you have time. If you can’t find the time once a week then it’s not your priority
and nobody can change that but you.  Think about this…

There are 168 hours in a week.

Let’s say that we sleep 8 hours a night leaving us with 112 hours.

Let’s shoot high and say 60 hours a week is spent on work.

So we could possibly have 50 hours of spare time, give or take.

What are you doing with that time????     


5716 Ammons St
Arvada, CO 80002
(303) 918-0974