Personal Pilates Plus Testimonials

Personal Pilates Plus strives to maintain a welcoming and supportive fitness community. We genuinely care about our students and are passionate about helping them reach their fitness goals. Read through what our students are saying about Personal Pilates Plus!

“Thanks to the total body strength, stability and balance classes, my first day back on the ski slopes after a hiatus for a couple of years due to knee pain, went great! Love the variety of classes, something for everyone. The instructors are exceptional, they have the ability to push you to achieve goals but always with respect for limits and injury prevention.”

Julia C

“Caitlin Reagin reform class was full of different levels of strength, balance, and energy. All in which she did a fantastic time explaining and guiding all of us through the movements needed clearly and safely. Since I do have hearing issues, I had no problem hearing and understanding any of the instructions that where given throughout course of the class. For my first pilate class I had a great time and definitely will be doing more down the road.”

Zachary B

“I love the classes and glad that I explored Pilates. I plan [on] coming to more classes. Great studio. ”
Lori B

“I love Heather Lee’s classes.”
Jennifer T

“I love Personal Pilates Plus!”

“I am enjoying the classes very much. Katie is a great, upbeat, inspiring, knowledgeable instructor and I am coming to love the group of women I am with, just a lovely experience for exercising.”

“I was thoroughly impressed with all the classes, the great variety in equipment, and especially the instructors.”

“I have to say that I could not be happier with my experience with Pilates Plus. I feel that the direction and facility are top notch and I wish to continue taking classes. Frankly, I look forward to my Monday evening class all week. This is something that I have never said about a workout schedule before now and never believed anyone who I have ever heard say that. Thanks for expanding my world view!”
Dustin S.

“Katie, I love your class! I appreciate the fact that you don’t make me feel like such a loser since everyone else in the class knows what they’re doing and are so fit.”
LouAnn C

“I love taking classes at your studio.”
Michele C

‘I love your place! Very happy with my experience.”
Katheryn K

“The studio has a family feeling so that whomever enters is welcome to work at their own pace. Very knowledgeable instructors.”
Cathy J

“Super fantastic instructors, always upbeat. I always feel better after my hour, sometimes physically, some times mentally, sometimes both.”
Dennis H

“In each class that I took this past week, I noticed some great improvements in my strength and flexibility – and all to my surprise! I just wanted to let you know that you and your team are fabulous instructors. The classes are fun and challenging and I look forward to many more!”
Julie L

“I suffered from chronic lower back pain for several years before my physical therapist suggested I start doing Pilates. At times, my back pain was so sever I had trouble with ordinary daily activities like driving a car. Now, three years later, thanks to the great instructors at Personal Pilates Plus, i am mostly pain free and stronger than I was in my 20’s.”
Allison G

“Katie is an extraordinary instructor. I’ve been training at Personal Pilates Plus for a year and a half, and I’ve rarely done the same technique twice. She’s creative and innovative, adding her own twist to the basic Pilates techniques most people are familiar with while still applying the fundamental principles that make Pilates so effective in building long, lean muscles; strengthening the core; and improving flexibility and mobility. She creates a fun, encouraging, positive atmosphere, and I always walk out of class feeling great, physically and mentally.”
Karen P

Web content manager

“I appreciate that you push me because you know I can do it, even when I don’t. I’m just amazed at what I can do. I say thankyou, thankyou, thankyou and I look forward to every workout.”

“Katie makes workouts fun. She is very accomodating to my schedule. She tailors the workout for men. It’s always a hard workout.”
David H

“Pilates changed my life! The strength and flexibility that I have gained through Pilates has had a positive effect on my general well being. After six years of Pilates with Katie, I hold my body differently, I have better posture and feel taller. Katie’s classes are individually tailored for her students. Her background in physical therapy allows her to accommodate and sometimes conquer everyone’s physical limitations. Even though you may be in a group class it feels like a one on one personal training session. “
Krissy A

“Lots of laughing”

Linda B

I attended the Tuesday evening Pilates/TRX class and had a great workout. The variety and combination of exercises between the TRX straps, Pilates reformer, tower and chair kept things interesting and the instruction was spot on, providing plenty of modification cues and motivation along the way. The studio isn’t fancy, but the workout and instructor were top-notch! I highly recommend this studio and its friendly and welcoming staff.

Loved my first Pilates reformer class! Easy to follow, but I’ll be sore tomorrow!
Mila G

I love the classes here! Katie and Heather are awesome. They push you (which I love) but make it very fun in the process. I’m so glad I found this studio.
Jenn M

Personal Pilates Plus changed my life. I had significant back pain from scoliosis and bulging discs and thanks to Katie Thornhill and Heather Phifer and their talents, I have been pain-free and strong for years. The staff and members are very fun, welcoming and encouraging. Every class is challenging, fun and worth it! Thank you PPP!!
Adria Young

This place feels like home. I always enjoy class and have met very supportive women. Heather Phifer is a terrific teacher! She is really good at switching things up (class is never boring) and at helping individuals focus on their own needs.
Melinda Taylor

 “This place is so amazing! It’s literally like a home gym. My new favorite spot.”


 Habitual Glow Esthetics

“Love the classes and teachers at this studio!”

Rebecca R

“Katie is energetic, passionate and motivating. She has decades of experience in fitness and training coupled with an educational background in exercise science and physical therapy assistant degrees. Her new workout space is beautiful and welcoming. You will be challenged to your abilities and adjustments made to match your level of fitness.”

Jane V

“Very knowledgable team of pilates instructors! Highly recommend!”

Ashley C

“This is they best Pilates studio in the area. The owner Katie, is a awesome instructor and person. Very highly recommend her studio. Beautiful place. I give it 5 stars for sure!”


Janelle L

“I’ve enjoyed the classes at Pilates Plus and feel I am getting stronger.I have enjoyed the classes and the teachers and am glad I found your studio.”
Liesl T

“I love the classes you offer and appreciate a seasoned instructor.”
Wendy H

“I love to go to my classes. I feel better body and mind. It really helps me with wanting to get more flexible. Thank you.”
Frances M

“If you are interested in Pilates, and are a man, I can tell you that the teachers at [Personal] Pilates Plus offer strenuous and expert classes. I have taken classes for almost a year and the results are fantastic. I have better core strength, which helps enormously with biking, golf, skiing and over-all appearance.”
David P

“Katie’s knowledge and personal attention was very helpful and put me at ease.”
Mary Ann W.

“The instructors at Personal Pilates Plus are always challenging and creative. Individual sessions with Katie helped me hone the basic foundations I needed to get the most out of a group class. Even though I may be tired after work, Erika’s enthusiasm keeps me motivated, and I always leave energized, not depleted. The workouts are subtle yet effective, and I have noticed increased strength and stability without aggravating old injuries. Thank you for helping me continue doing the work I love.”
Kelly L

“Because Katie is a PT assistant, her knowledge of injuries, anatomy and how to work the muscles make her incredibly efficient in hleping me work past some old injuries. I’m a personal trainer myself, and I can definitely tell, after working with Katie for six months, that my body moves better — way better– than before. It has definitely hit some weak spots and tight spots, and I can feel the difference in terms of how I’m able to perform in all of my other athletic endeavors, from skiing to hiking to kettlebell training. I also like the benefit I’m seeing in terms of the definition I’m seeing through my core. Not only is Katie a ton of fun to work with, but she has a work ethic that’s second to none, which I totally respect. After being in the fitness field for 20+ years, there are a handful of top-notch professionals that I truly look up to. Katie is one of them.”
Gus P

Owner, ProEdge Kettlebells

“I started training with Katie after the birth of my second child. I was overweight, very out of shape and had terrible knee pain. Training with Katie helped me lose 30 pounds and get very lean and toned…she brought my body into balance. During our training sessions she helped me strengthen the muscles that support my knees and between doing that and losing weight my knees feel great! She taught me how to eat during two nutritional counseling sessions and it changed the way I view food and health. Today I am still training with her and she is whipping me back into shape after having my third child.”
Kristi Y

“Katie is very knowledgeable regarding anatomy. She provides me with innovative workouts. I’ve seen significant improvements with my posture, strength, energy and body shape. Katie is never boring and she has a great sense of humor. Katie provides comprehensive health consulting (including diet, injury rehab, injury prevention, etc.).”
Laura H

“Personal Pilates Plus is a great studio. They make me feel comfortable and welcome, all the while getting me into super great shape. I have achieved many of my fitness/wellness goals over the last few years because of their motivation and consistent innovative workouts.”
Holly A

“I’ve been a participant in Katie’s Tuesday and Thursday night mat classes for close to four years and can honestly say it changed my life. My back was injured when I was a child and I finally had back surgery when I was 30. Since that time, I had been on daily medication for chronic pain and just assumed I would suffer continuous pain for the rest of my life. Well, not anymore – after the first nine months of regular attendance to my mat classes there came a day I realized that my back didn’t hurt! Can you imagine, as a 43-year-old woman I experienced being pain free for the first time since I was seven, there is no way to explain what a gift this is. This winter, at the age of 45, I went on my first hut trip and loved it – not once did I worry that I couldn’t do it – not only has Katie removed a lot of physical pain from my life – she has removed a lot of fear as well. Katie combines her years of Pilates training with a strong physical therapy background to create challenging and engaging classes that continue to improve my strength and keep me interested. I know that she is always watching and aware of each class member’s abilities and weaknesses; in other words, I know that it is safe to push myself without risking injury because Katie not only knows what my body can do, but what it should and should not do. She is always willing to spend extra time with you to work on a problem area and give you “homework” to help you improve or resolve problems. I feel truly fortunate to have found Katie and her studio, and I encourage anyone – no matter what your physical abilities – to attend a class regularly and reap the rewards of a strong and healthy body built by Katie.”
Julie P

“I like that it is a neighborhood business with a very engaged owner. All of the teachers are very nice and knowledgeable, the Heathers are my favorite 🙂 It is very convenient for me to get to and the prices are very reasonable compared to some of the other studios in the area.”
Amy L

“I’ve been working with Katie Thornhill as my personal pilates trainer for the last eight years. Katie is GREAT! Her knowledge of human anatomy is extensive and the workouts she puts me through are always different and challenging. She keeps it fun and motivates me to do my best. My strength and flexibility have improved greatly. I would highly recommend Katie to anyone interested in pilates.”
Patti R

“I can honestly say that Pilates has changed my life. Having lived with chronic back issues for years, I have been hard pressed to find a form of exercise to help manage the discomfort. Then, I learned about Pilates. It has strengthened my core, increased my flexibility and significantly decreased my lower back pain. I am completely satisfied with the results. Katie and all of her instructors are warm and welcoming and bring vast experience to our classes. Their teaching styles are innovative and thoughtful, and always include a personal touch. I guess the name “Personal” Pilates Plus was no accident!. Also, as someone who is easily bored by routine exercise, one of the greatest benefits of Personal Pilates Plus is that no two class are alike–which makes coming here fun, exciting and never boring!”
Denise C

I’m convinced pilates has changed my body in such a short time.  Initially, I was experiencing lower back pain.  I learned I was not engaging my core and using my back, that took some time for me to learn.  I believe it had to do with my core being so weak.  The classes I’ve taken are challenging and helping  my balance.  Now, if I could just stay healthy (bronchitis, stomach bug, flu) so I can get back to 2x week routine.
Laura A

I love going to classes here. Katie explains things In ways that I totally understand.
Erika S

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