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Pilates Denver

Pilates fitness is the leading exercise for those who want strong, toned bodies and peak flexibility. Envisioned by Joseph Pilates and taught as early as the 1920s, this fitness method focused on muscle pliability and range of motion. Today, more than eleven million people worldwide practice Pilates. Narrow down the demographic to the small region of the western United States and people will find a unique group of instructors teaching Pilates Colorado Style.

Pilates in Denver

What is so different about Pilates in Colorado? Breathing is key. Denver, starting at an altitude of one mile high can be a shock for many visitors. Walking around short of breath, some people think they are ill, but what they are experiencing is scarcity of oxygen. As people travel upward, into the Rocky Mountain Front Range, the thin air becomes more scarce, and in that environment, breathing is key. Nothing could blend with Pilates better, however.

Practicing Pilates with the specialized instructors at Personal Pilates Plus, helps people to develop strong lungs, limber muscles and better breathing practice. Joseph Pilates is quoted as having said, “It’s the mind that controls the muscles,” and it is muscles that control the lungs. Living a mile high, it is important to practice healthy deep breathing and to stretch the muscles for maximum oxygen intake. Up where the air is crisp and the outdoors beckon, practicing strength training that is relevant is a must. That is why, in Colorado Pilates fitness is the best exercise to prepare people for the other exercise they love to do: explore the wilderness.

Practicing the principles of Pilates allows you to find balance not only in boy but also in mind, which makes Pilates different from many other fitness strategies on the market today.

Many of those trying to lose weight find that they are most encouraged to do so in the morning hours. You can start your day out on the right foot and with a positive attitude when you take morning classes. A morning workout allows you to feel refreshed in body, resolved in spirit, and ready to conquer the day. Our specialists make you sweat so that you will come to appreciate your workout as a cleansing routine.

The best part about Pilates Denver classes is that the workout is customized to suit any physique, making it accessible for a wide range of age groups and body types. With our multi-use reformer machine, you can stretch further and move deeper into your workout in a way that is customized to your body and unlike any other. You can choose to take it easy one day and challenge yourself another, all with the help of this amazing piece of equipment comprised of pulleys and springs. With the classic reformer class, you can learn the basics of Pilates, allowing you to build a foundation upon which you can advance your skills.

With remarkable techniques for strengthening your body and increasing your flexibility, Pilates Denver has something for everyone seeking a positive lifestyle improvement.