I am thrilled to have recently relocated from California and now be a part of the team at Personal Pilates Plus. For the past decade, I have been working as a Women’s Pelvic Health Therapist. During that time, I discovered my passion for Pilates and obtained my Comprehension Teacher training certification from Basi Pilates International. This allowed me to integrate Pilates into my patients’ rehabilitation process and teach both group equipment and mat classes. My areas of expertise include pre and postnatal care, addressing back-hip and pelvic dysfunction, improving postural alignment, and working with women athletes. Additionally, I have also obtained a 200-hour yoga certification and am excited to bring that knowledge into my teaching as well. It has been quite an eventful year, and I am eager to return to the studio and collaborate with the incredible instructors here at Personal Pilates Plus.

How long have you personally been practicing Pilates and what training have you pursued?

I have been practicing Pilates for 14 years. My journey began as a physical therapy assistant in California, where I specialized in pelvic floor therapy at a private practice that focused on Pilates-based rehabilitation. During my time there, I gained experience in all aspects of rehabilitation using Pilates equipment, but it was working with pre and postnatal patients that truly captured my passion. This led me to pursue training and certification through BASI International and the Herman and Wallace Pelvic Institute for pelvic floor training. I was fascinated by how Pilates and rehabilitation seamlessly complemented each other. My expertise lies in addressing various pelvic floor dysfunctions, including post-surgical rehabilitation of the abdominal wall, hip, and back, taking a holistic approach to the entire body.

What is the most rewarding aspect of being a Pilates instructor?

I derive great satisfaction from the opportunity to assist my clients in attaining their objectives by utilizing my expertise in manual therapy, MET (Muscle Energy Technique), and comprehensive pilates training that focuses on integrating the entire body. Witnessing the transformation of individuals who initially feel disheartened, pilates novices, or even athletes striving to elevate their fitness levels, both physically and mentally, is incredibly rewarding. This is the driving force behind my chosen profession.

What is unique about your classes and style of teaching?

I have developed a more athletic approach to my Pilates reformer training, focusing on women’s health concerns such as pre-and post-natal care, abdominal rehabilitation, scoliosis, and female CrossFit athletes.

What do you consider unique about the Personal Pilates Plus studio?
I have a great appreciation for my colleagues! Katie is an excellent person to work with, and the environment at our studio is welcoming to individuals of all ages and skill levels. The reason I was attracted to Personal Pilates Plus is because of Katie’s background in rehabilitation, and the fact that we have a physical therapist at our studio demonstrates our commitment to providing the highest level of care for our clients.
Outside of pilates, what is something else you are passionate about?

Outside of the studio, I love more pilates and weight training. Love spending time with my husband and my family. Adventuring all the new places in Colorado and dreaming of the next beach trip.

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