on Tuesdays @ 7:30am and Fridays @ 4:30pm with Awanti Sura beginning Tuesday, Sept 30th Drop in….$15 5 Pack….$65 10 Pack….$120 (You may use your unlimited or specialty packages)

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Room Rental Available for meetings, etc $10/hour Package Sharing-You can save big $$ by sharing a package with 1-2 others Do you want to have a regular spot in your favorite class without having to sign up online every week? Just ask us and we’ll put you on the list until you tell us otherwise.

We always want to hear your comments, concerns, questions or suggestions–please reply to this email or call us Open Gym Time Pay hourly to use the Pilates equipment independently Must have experience-reply to this email if interested Friend Referral Program-For each person you refer to us who buys a package, you receive a free class

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